OctopusDeploy runner in TeamCity

hi - Is is possible for Octopus to accept the same nuget package version from Teamcity? Say for example im currently developing 2.2.3 of my website (using semver convention). Can I have Teamcity continuously deliver that same version to my development environment via Octopus? There might be 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 builds of version 2.2.3, but I’m not concerned about making any distinction between them with a build counter or otherwise.


As a user in the same situation as yourself, I’d say the answer is currently “no”. If you try to re-deploy a build with the same version, Octopus will throw an error that you’re attempting to create a new release with an existing version number, as reported here: http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/problems/11383-error-re-deploying-a-release-from-teamcity

We work around this by simply including the build counter for development (automated) builds and excluding it for release (manual) builds.

Even if the Octopus release number is unique (using semver + Teamcity build counter), Tentacles still don’t deploy the associated nuget package if it is been deployed before. I tried the ‘force reinstall’ setting but that will create a unique folder name if one exists already.

Would it be possible in Octopus V2 to configure a Tentacle to update an existing folder? i.e. re-deploy a nuget package to its existing folder

You can override the custom installation directory and use an expression like:


Which will mean the same directory is used even when deploying the same package over and over for the same release.