OctopusBypassDeploymentMutex - Drawbacks?

I’m looking for some guidance on scenarios where concurrent deployments should be avoided other than if multiple steps modify the same file which I am not currently doing.

I saw a comment on the forum about IIS only being modifiable by one step at a time due to how IIS works. If this is true, and I have 13 websites services that could be deployed concurrently, will I see a benefit to enabling concurrent tasks? Or, worse, will that be a problem?

Thank you,

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for getting in touch! Concurrent tasks will help with the overall speed of your deployments. You have to understand limits. 13 services being deployed at the same time will increase the speed of your deployments and should not degrade the stability of the Octopus service.
You do have to keep aware of steps that would share files and cause errors or if those numbers increase. It is something you have the power to increase and use, but should be aware that there may reach a time where the number of concurrent tasks causes performance issues in the orchestration and would need to be scaled back. Mostly its about what your servers (both Tentacle and Server) can cope with and their own performance, also how many deployments you are doing at once.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

I was more concerned about how IIS would respond to having multiple website thrown at it concurrently. It seems to be working just fine. Thank you.