Octopus with TeamCity: how to gather and display deployment changelog?

We use TeamCity for CI and multiple times per day it produces build drops. For each build drop TeamCity pulls from source control and shows descriptions of changes which went into particular build.

When particular build drop passes all verifications it is handed off to Octopus for deployment (this is the part I plan to work on). How to make it so that each deployment in Octopus UI shows combined list of changes since the last successful deployment to the same environment?

Thank you!


Thanks for reaching out. The Octopus Create Release step in teamcity allows you to pass a file path to the --ReleaseNotesFile parameter of Octo.exe, which will use the contents of the file to set the release notes.

It’ll be up to you though to find a way to gather these changes/issues, format them in Markdown (which is what we support in the Octopus UI) and then send them to this file.

Hope that helps,