Octopus.Web.BaseUrl doesn't substitute

The documentation says that there is a system variable called Octopus.Web.BaseUrl which has the base URL of this Octopus Instance. This would be really useful in email templates when providing a link to get back to a page in Octopus Deploy.

However whenever I include this variable in my email templates, it doesn’t substitute. It comes out as: #{Octopus.Web.BaseUrl}

Hi Tristan,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately as of Octopus 2.0 we no longer provide a value for that variable, the reason being that a server could have multiple URL’s that are valid and selecting the right one is difficult. Instead, you’d need to hardcode the base URL, or define your own variable (perhaps in a library variable set) to define it.

Sorry, and hope that helps!


Thanks. Got it.

So for you…doco update :wink: