Octopus v2.6 Missing Artifacts on Releases after v3.0 Migration

Good afternoon,

Yesterday we migrated our Octopus Server from v2.6 to v3.0. After that, we realized that the built-in repository path changed and now we cannot deploy previous releases because of this error:

The resource ‘XXXXX version 2015.40.00.11’ was not found.

(Image attached)

We changed the location of the built-in repository to the old one following this steps: Package repositories. New packages are going to the old path but existing ones are not being recognized on their releases.

+We restarted the service hoping that could reindex the packages. Nothing happened.

Please help.

Tomás Lazo

Hi Tomas,

That’s very strange, restarting the service should kick off the package reindex.

Could you have a look in the OctopusServer.txt log (C:\Octopus\Logs by default) and see if there are any errors or hints that may tell us why the packages aren’t being indexed?

You could also do a select on the NuGetPackage table in the Octopus database to see if the packages for old releases have been indexed, then perhaps there is a bug in the way we find the packages for these.

Thank you and kind regards,

Thanks Henrik,

Due to our great quantity of releases, reindex ended up after 6 hours.
Now is working fine.