Octopus Upgrade Advice 3.7.11 -> 2018.8.8

I’m planning on doing an in place upgrade from 3.7.11 -> 2018.8.8.
The Octopus Server is on AWS EC2 (Windows 2012R2) & the DB is on AWS RDS (SQL Server Express Edition 12.00.5000.0.v1 )

I’ve looked at the documentation listed on Upgrading from Octopus 3.x.

Are there any caveats I need to be aware of or is it just a case of backing up that data and running the latest installed as per instructions?

Many thanks!

Hi Gavo,

I just upgraded 3.3.27 to 2018.8.8 and that went pretty smoothly.
The docs say you can upgrade 3.x to 2018.8.8, and so far i have to believe them :slight_smile:
But just in case, just make sure to have backups available. If you can snapshot the EC2 VM, i think thats easier/safer then doing an application downgrade.

You can read about my experience here: Notes and findings upgrading 3.3.27 to 2018.8.8

Thanks for getting in touch! The documentation that you have linked to is the perfect starting point when upgrading from 3.7.11 to latest.

As @kbrandenburg mentioned, the biggest advice we can always offer is to take good backups, test your recovery and always keep a copy of your Octopus Master Key safe just in case things do go wrong with your upgrade.

I look forward to hearing how you go with upgrading!

Kind regards,