Octopus Tools create-release

Hi, I’m setting up a testcase to tryout OctopusDeploy in an automated build & deploy setting.

At this point I’m trying to create (& deploy) a release using the Octo.exe command line tool. However, I’m receiving a 404 on the server, apparently when it is trying to find the project release steps.

I have setup the project and as such it contains two release steps. Manual release works fine. The API user has administrator rights.

What am I missing?

Great product by the way! Looks very promising.



Hi Jordy,

Thanks for getting in touch. I notice you are using a virtual directory for Octopus - is it possible to also add Octopus as a web site and to see if that fixes the problem?

If you check the event log on the Octopus server it should have some more details about the error.


Hi Paul,

The problem was related to hosting the Octopus portal in an application under a website in IIS7.5. When I browsed the web api manually it showed to some of the links did not have the application prefix in the relative path. After hosting it in its own website all ran fine.

I did download the source code of Octopus Tools. Although the relative paths were missing the application prefix, I guess UriExtensions.FindOverlapSection() should still have found the overlapping section. If it had, the problem would not have surfaced.

Thanks for helping,