Octopus tentacle


I have a tentacle that was failing to upgrade so I manually updated it to the latest version (3.3.11) by running the msi. When I check its health, all looks well and it displays the correct version in the environment connectivity screen.
However, when I try to deploy, octopus sees the tentacle as an earlier version (3.3.10) and tries to push a new version - which is also failing. I’ve tried turning off the anti-virus on that server during an upgrade but no luck. The octopus tentacle is running as local system and has write access to the octopus folder. log attached. Any ideas why it is failing? or if not, is there a way to tell octopus not to force a tentacle upgrade on deploy?



I added a Success.txt file to the calamari instance and the deployment no longer tries to push an updated tentacle. - should have read the docs earlier.

I’d still like to get to the bottom of the initial remote tentacle upgrade failure though.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for getting in touch. Hopefully we can figure out why the Tentacle upgrade failed. That said, it looks like you forgot to attach your log file. Specifically, I’m interested in the failed upgrade task’s raw log. The following page describes how to get the raw output from a task.

Looking forward to your reply.