Octopus tentacle manager prerequisites


I have a problem when opening the Octopus Tentacle Manager on my machine. I am getting a message which says that I need Windows Powershell 2.0. I already have Windows Powershell 4.0 installed. I checked also the system path & it’s included. Do you have any idea what the problem is and how can I fix it.

I am using a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine with .NET 4.5 installed.



Thanks for getting in touch! This is an interesting problem. When the Octopus Tentacle Manager runs it checks the systems environmental variables to determine whether or not PowerShell is installed. It is quite possible that when PowerShell was installed it failed to write these environmental variables.

Can you please check the following:
Go to Control Panel -> “System and Security” -> "System"
Click on “Advanced System Settings” from the left menu
Click on "Environment Variables"
Under the “System Variables” window, find “Path” and select edit.
In the “variable value” select all and copy to somewhere like notepad.
Does “C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\V1.0” exist in that text?


I have this same problem with powershell 5. Everything seems to be in order except the fact that Octopus Server does not start because it states hat powershell 2 is not installed.

Can this be solved?

Hi Alex,

Are you able to confirm that you checked the settings for the PowerShell install path? This is where Octopus checks to see if PowerShell is installed.
The instructions in my previous post detail how to do this.


Yes, I did. I’ve also uninstalled WFM 5.0 and returned PowerShell to v.4 but it didn’t solve the issue.

It didn’t solve my issue. I’ve actually re-did my lab from scratch, which was not an option. I would’ve wasted more time debugging than re-making everything again.

Thanks for the help.