Octopus tentacle installation on a windows server box that is hosted under AWS cloud

Hi Team,

We are currently using the Octopus deploy ver - 3.2.1 and there is a requirement to hook up a windows machine hosted on AWS to our Octopus portal. We normally link our Development/Regression servers to Octopus by installing the tentacles on each of the windows server and then add it to the environments through the thumbprint.

In this case I am looking to install the tentacle, on a windows server that is hosted and running under AWS cloud infrastructure. Please let us know if we can link this AWS windows server to our Octopus using the traditional approach which we followed for the Development servers.
Your feedback would be of great relief.


Hi @sohilberg,

As we have been discussing in this thread this is indeed possible and supported. The process is the same using either Polling or Listening Tentacle on the default ports, the main key here is to make sure any firewalls in the network link between Tentacle and Server have also been configured to allow traffic.

I hope that helps, let me know if there is anything else you need!


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