Octopus Tenant association with Enviroment/deployment target


we are using the tenant feature with our project now. I am already connecting the project and environment while creating/adding a new tenant.

But I am not able to deploy to this tenant until I add this tenant deployment target associated with the environment. Why is it necessary?

I believe connecting the project and environment while creating the tenant enough as deployment targets are associated with the environment anyway.

It kind of double work for us to add tenant at 2 places.


Hi Rasmita,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The reasoning behind this is that different tenants may have different deployment targets within the same environment.
You’re deploying a website and have two customers using that website. Each customer’s site is customised slightly requiring them to be hosted on different servers.
So, you have two tenants, two deployment targets (webservers), and both of these targets sit within the same Production environment.

Without being able to specify which tenants the deployment target belongs to it would be necessary to create a separate environment for every tenant.


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