Octopus task persistence with high availability

Can you explain how Octopus persists tasks during an active deployment? For example, if a deployment pauses at a manual intervention step, is it safe to reboot the Octopus server node? Will the task / deployment pick up where it left off?

Likewise, is it documented anywhere how Octopus nodes participate in task switching in high availability mode? If a node is lost during a deployment, will another node take over the in-flight task?


Hi Nathan,
Thanks for getting in touch.

The Manual Intervention step may be the one case that it is safe to reboot the Octopus Server node. I did a quick verification here, rebooting the Server while a manual intervention step was waiting. After the server came back up, the manual intervention step was still waiting. Other tasks are not so forgiving.

Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of documentation on task switching in high availability mode. What we do have can be found under Managing High Availability Nodes. If a node fails during deployment the tasks will be lost. not handed over to another node.

I hope this helps and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have further questions.
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