Octopus Task Logs - Cutomization

Hi Team,

I am customizing my PowerShell scripts to display logs according to different categories by referring this octopus documentation as shown below

Link to document : Logging messages from scripts - Octopus Deploy

After executing in the UI ,we can see different types if categories as show below:

Here we can see different categories such as:

  1. Info
  2. Warning
  3. Highlight
  4. Error
  5. Fatal
  6. Wait

When we try to use the Expand and Log level filter in the UI as shown below:
we don’t see much of filters available

All the different category of logs are show in Info & Verbose itself, how can we filter it to only see warnings or highlight or fatal or wait ?

Even in Expand filter, I can see all the different categories of logs are displayed under “All” or “interesting” and if we select “Errors” we can see other types of logs as well in it, it doesn’t filter only Error logs and display

And can please let me know what is the use of this custom filter, which I don’t see of any use

How can we use octopus filters in such a way that, I need to see only warning logs, or highlight logs or info logs or fatal logs, when selected accordingly, I don’t want any other types of logs to be display when I select a category.

Please help me out with a solution to this, as this is very much needed requirement for us.

Shaik Sadiq

Hi Shaik,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The only filter available for the Task Log screen is the Verbose filter which will determine whether the Verbose messaging is displayed.

The Expand option only controls which steps are Expanded out automatically. It does not apply any filter to the log or removes any entries.
So, in your example where you have the Expand option set to Errors. It has automatically expanded the Run Script section because there is an error within that step. If the error was not present, that step would remain collapsed.

We have a uservoice site where you can raise a feature request to add additional filtering for different message types.


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