Octopus Task Log

Hi Team,

i have a requirement where i need to write the custom log which i can easily filter from the expand filter . so can you please guide me how we can achieve this.

so in above image we have 5 fields so i want to add my custom list on this section .

Hi @Shubham_Agrawal,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The task log filters are not customisable, the options are static within the UI codebase.
If you’re needing to capture specific messages being generated by scripts during your deployment, you could perhaps amend which stream those messages are output to so that they then fall within one of the current categories. There is a bit more detail on this here: Logging messages from scripts - Octopus Deploy

Another option could be to use Artifacts to output your custom messages to a local file that is then uploaded to the deployment process.


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