Octopus takes deployment cancellation as failure in Linux deployment


I am wondering if other folks got same problem as I did.

I am working on project to deploy to Linux servers using Octopus 3.2.7. Cancellation of Linux deployment always triggers step to send email of deployment failure. I looked up the deployment log, it shows failure for the cancellation. For the other projects to deploy to .NET servers, there is no such problem – cancellation of .NET deployment project shows “cancelled” in deployment log.

Is it a bug in Octopus for Linux deployment? Is there any workaround or Octopus team has any plan to address such a bug?



Hi Edward,

Can you send through the raw log for the task that shows as failed when cancelled? This will help us investigate the issue, it looks like it could have something to do with this bug that we fixed in version 3.2.11 but I’m not sure this is your issue.

Thank you and best regards,