Octopus suddenly stopped deploying - empty execution steps

I have been using octopus for a long time, every week. Didn’t do any changes last few months. However suddenly octopus started ‘processing’ every step in 1s and obviously nothing is done for every action. Also there is no information about why did that happen. I don’t know what to do :confused:

Below I attached the picture how is this looking. To avoid confusion I make it for the simplest pipeline which is just mapping the drive and copy libraries to the mapped folder. This looks the same for all other pipelines with IIS installation or any other. Everything is done in one second and nothing is actually done in reality. There is even no errors.

Hi @octoadam,

Thanks for getting in touch!

To investigate this initially we’ll need a copy of your OctopusServer.txt log file (default location C:\octopus\logs) and a download of the deployment log .txt file (Hit the Download button within the Task Log section).

As these may contain information you do not wish to be public, feel free to send them through to support@octopus.com


Hi @paul.calvert

I’ve sent them through the email. Please let me know if you need anything else.


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Thanks for your help so much!

For anyone who has the same issue: The problem was that my friend copied whole server for some work to do (with tentacle running on it). Therefore I had two same servers running same tentacle and Octopus Server got confused. I logged to the cloned version of the server and stopped the tentacle. All started working fine as before.

Appreciate fast reaction and support. Thank you!

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