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I’m trying to configure an Octopus subscription using a webhook notification. I’ve configured one using the Requestbin online tool to see what data I can expect and all this works fine.

I’ve now developed a custom webhook using ASP.NET Core. It accepts a JSON payload and is a POST method. The problem is getting Octopus to access this webhook as it’s installed on our local infrastructure environment.

What are the best options for allowing Octopus access to our webhook without compromising the security of our environment?

Can Octopus post subscription data to a webhook that uses a port number?

e.g. https:\mydomain\mywebhookendpoint:444

If this is not possible, what other options are available to me?

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Hi @daburford

Thanks for getting in touch! Interesting question - it looks like the best way for getting this to work securely is to add a header to your request that contains an authorization token that you trust on the webhook side.

A member of our Solutions team has written a blog post that goes over the process here - Adding notifications for every production deployment - Octopus Deploy and you can read more about the header/authorization in this section.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction!


Hi @stuart.mcilveen

Many thaks for the prompt response. I’ll have a read through the documents you’ve linked and see how I get on.

Kind regards


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