Octopus Stuck on Loading please wait page

Our Octopus server and database is installed on one server. We’re looking to have a second version of the server to test Octopus upgrade. To accomplish this we had our Octopus Server Clone by our wintel team. When i try and start the Octopus website on the new server (http://localhost/Octopus) it hangs on “Loading, please wait” screen. I’m not able to see any log errors. Can you please advise how we investigate what is wrong with the server?

ps. we are running Octopus server 3.17.11

Hi @binh.au,

Thanks for getting in touch! There could be quite a few things potentially cuasing this issue, would you be able to upload your Octopus server logs for the instance which is hanging on the loading screen?

The logs can be found in your Octopus home instance log folder. C:\Octopus\Logs in a default installation. For different instances the default would be C:\Octopus\InstanceName\Logs.

Would you be able to provide some further information about the process your wintel team used when cloning Octopus?

The above information should have the information required to understand what could be going wrong here. :slight_smile:

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Doc1.docx (98.8 KB)

OctopusServer.txt (8.9 KB)

I’ve been informed they just use VMware to clone.

Hi @binh.au,

Thanks for attaching the information. The chances are it is related to the way the Octopus server was copied. I will need to get some more information to better narrow down the issue.

Is the new Octopus server on a separate machine?
Is the new Octopus server starting from the Octopus Server Manager UI?
Is the new Octopus server configured to use it’s own Database?

I have not seen a clone like this attempted with an Octopus server. We have documentation on our recommended way to copy your Octopus server. There are quite a few things to note when you copy the Octopus server. The following documentation has some notes on backing up and restoring.

If do not know what is involved with a VMware clone but Octopus will not work correctly if it has simply been “Cloned” to a new server.

Octopus lets you have up to 3 active installations, however if you do not have a High Availability license then each installation requires its own unique database.

Generally the recommended method for test Octopus servers is to create a backup of your Octopus DB and restore it separately to your main Octopus DB. Once the database is ready for a new server, you can Install Octopus on your new server and connect to this database. Avoiding the above High Availability licensing limit.

Let me know if this information helps or if I am missing anything here. :slight_smile:

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