Octopus Server on linux container cannot login

I’ve followed the steps to run Octopus Deploy & SQL on linux using docker-compose from here: Introducing the Octopus Server Linux Docker image - Octopus Deploy. My issue is once the Octopus Deploy server is running from http://localhost:8080 I’m unable to login via the web using the admin username and password fed to docker-compose via my .env file.

I’ve tried using several different tags including 2020.6 which is latest at time of writing as well as running docker exec into the running container and running ‘Octopus.Server admin’ to reset the admin password (see output below), but I still cannot login.

How can I debug this?

octopus@499e922e3d8e:/Octopus$ ./Octopus.Server admin --username=admin --password Password01
Checking the Octopus Master Key has been configured.
Making sure it's safe to upgrade the database schema...
Ensuring pre-conditions for upgrading the database are satisfied...
Searching for indexes that might upset the database upgrade process...
- PASS: All columns use the default collation.
- PASS: Your Octopus Server will be compliant with your license after upgrading.
- PASS: We've done our best to remove any unexpected database indexes.
- PASS: The version of your SQL Server satisfies Octopus Server installation requirements.
Executing always run pre scripts...
Executing TSQL Database Server script 'Script0000 - Set highest available compatibility level.sql'
Current COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL for OctopusDeploy is set to 150
Ensuring COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL for OctopusDeploy is set to 150
COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL for OctopusDeploy is already 150 or higher
Executing TSQL Database Server script 'Script0001 - Remove Namespace Prefix From Script Names.sql'
Preparing to remove namespace prefix from script names in the [SchemaVersions] table...
Table [SchemaVersions] exists, inspecting script names...
Script names are not prefixed, nothing to do.
Checking database schema upgrade history...
Checking to see if database schema upgrade is required...
Database already has the expected schema. No changes are required.
Executing always run post scripts...
Executing TSQL Database Server script 'Script0000 - Refresh Views.sql'
Refreshing view dbo.Dashboard
Refreshing view dbo.IdsInUse
Refreshing view dbo.MultiTenancyDashboard
Refreshing view dbo.Release_WithDeploymentProcess
Refreshing view dbo.RunbookSnapshot_WithRunbookProcess
Refreshing view dbo.TenantProject
Creating or modifying administrator 'admin'
Setting password for user admin

Hi Dav,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your query.

The docker image should work ‘out of the box’ without any need to manually configure the password beyond specifying it in the environment variables. It’s therefore likely that something is wrong with the configuration files.

You might be able to narrow down where the issue is by trying the following:

  • Testing using a simple password to rule out transcription errors
  • Launching the image using docker run (as per the example here)
  • Temporarily setting the password directly in docker-compose.yml to check for variable issues

If you don’t have any luck please reach out to us with your configuration files. You can either do that here or via support@octopus.com. If you’d prefer to do it here let me know and I can make the topic private.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,


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