Octopus Server on Azure VM not reachable


I’ve installed Octopus Deploy on an Azure VM and configured the Octopus bindings for the public Azure DNS and localhost. I’ve configured an endpoint on the VM to make port 80 reachable externally.

When I try and connect externally to the Octopus server the browser just hangs with no response. I can however telnet to the VM on port 80 externally so I know port 80 on the VM is reachable. I can RDP onto the Octopus VM and open the browser interface locally on port 80 with localhost and using the public host entry. This tells me Octopus is listening and binding is working.

Anyone know why the server isn’t reachable externally with this setup?


OK worked out it’s a VM firewall issue. I thought the Octopus installer would have enabled inbound traffic, but I had to manually allow.