Octopus.Server hang

Hi Paul,

A couple of times now we’ve experienced a situation where Octopus Server seems to get stuck. Several tasks including health checks and deployments show up as Queued, but they stay in that state and don’t seem to move into the Executing state. We haven’t been able to figure out if there’s anything in particular that gets us into this invalid state, but restarting the Octopus service seems to resolve it without losing the queued tasks.

I took a process snapshot of Octopus.Server last time this happened and took a quick peek in windbg, but didn’t find any smoking guns.

Let me know if you’d like a copy of the snapshot. It’s about 500mb so I’ll need an ftp server or something to upload it to.



Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch, I’d love to see that snapshot. I’ll set up something tonight so you can send it to me. Sorry for the trouble it has caused you.


Since this issue was raised in an old beta, I’m going to close it and reopen if we encounter a similar hang with a more recent version.