Octopus.server.exe path

I’m using octopus.server.exe to configure the Octopus Server Install via AWS User Data on machine initialisation.

As part of the setup im running:
octopus.server.exe path --artifacts “xxx”.

As part of the setup process, I’m selecting a local account for the OctopusDeploy service to run under, this account has read/write permissions to the share specified under the artifacts path.

However, the account that I’m running the installation as isn’t the OctopusDeploy local account (as I create that on initialisation) and doesn’t have access to the artifacts path.

This causes the error “Failed to ensure directory ‘xxx’ exists: The user name or password is incorrect.” and after the path isn’t updated. The path is correct and works fine when the service is running, so I’m looking to skip the path validation when updating the path for artifacts/tasklogs and nugetRepostiroty. Is this possible? If not does anyone have any alternatives?

p.s At the time of making the share I don’t have the username/password for the machine that will be running the OctopusDeploy install, so can’t add that to the share temporarily.

I set the EC2Config service to run under the account that had access to the share.

It was a work around, but got me to where I needed to be.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for getting in touch here and updating with your solution. Hopefully it will help someone else who encounters this issue.

If you have any further questions here, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

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