Octopus Server Credentials

Hi, I have octopus server deployed on a build server.

We have given Oct. Sever credentials during setup to be able to access this box. These credentials have since changed and Oct Server is now failing as it cant authenticate.

Is there a way to update these credentials??


Hi Colm,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sure is, this documentation page shows you how.

Robert W

Hi Rob,

Thanks for this, its not the Uname and Pswrd for the web portal login.

Its the credentials supplied for Octo Server during setup, to allow it access the machine it is installed on…



Do you mean the Windows service? If so, you can change it from within the Windows Services manager.

Or from the command line, use the Octopus.Server.exe service command. Run Octopus.Server.exe help service for the options. It will be something like:

Octopus.Server.exe service --uninstall
Octopus.Server.exe service --install --username Domain\User --password Password

Robert W