Octopus server crash when viewing project -> Variables -> Preview

We upgraded from version 2018.8.6 to 2019.9.3 LTS on monday this week. Since then we have noticed that one of our Octopus Server go into stop mode. It happens when we on a project go into the Variables -> Preview sections. That page is shown as empty, no variables are presented, no error messages are shown.

That project uses channels and three different Libary Sets and also project variables. We belive this is important because we setup a dummy project with one powershell step and a deploy package step that only does “write-host” and deploy a package to c:/temp directory. This project uses same three libary sets but we can view the Variables -> Preview page correctly. This “dummy” project are able to create relase and deploy to first automatic environment.

Octopus server logs doesn´t hint any I find useful, no error logs and no indication server is shutting down. It just goes into stop mode. It can be started, and will stay started until we again go into Variables -> Preview sections.

We can´t either create relase on this specific project, the same thing happens. The release is created but the automated deploy to our “IntegrationTest” environment isn´t executed. This is the first environment in the project lifecycle.

Connection to database works fine and from time to time we see SQL statment show up in logs.

Please advice on anything that might be worth investigating or other adivce on how to pinpoint the exact root couse?!

Hi @roger.gusthage!

Sadly, this is a known issue that was introduced in 2019.8.6 - out engineers are actively working on a fix for this problem and will have a new Octopus version out ASAP.

We do have a workaround listed in the GitHub issue that I linked above, which should prevent crashes until an upgraded version can be installed.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this bug, and we hope to have it patched up ASAP.

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Thank you! We do have the posibility to fix this by changing name of the variable we found had the same name as the used default value. We look forward to a new fix!

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