Octopus Rest API to obtain snapshot of variables

Is it possible to use octopus rest api to obtain a snapshot of the evaluated variables that will be used for a certain release? I am having issues finding this


Thanks for getting in touch! If you GET a specific release like http://[yourserver]/api/releases/releases-1281 you’ll see that on its links, it’ll have a url that looks like this

"ProjectVariableSnapshot": "/api/variables/variableset-projects-481-snapshot-17"

That’s the URL you are looking for

Hope that helps!


How come i am getting a 401 unauthorized when my user is a octopus team with the following role ‘System administrator’?

I assigned a role every single permission possible and i cannot even view them. still getting a 401 unauthorized

Got it working. Forgot to escape a variable!

Glad to hear!