Octopus product versioning in 2019

What is Octopus’s plan for versioning Octopus Server moving forward? Will 2018.12.x be that last version for 2018 and 2019 will begin with 2019.1.x? It may seem like a rudimentary question but it actually affects us quite a bit. Thanks.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for getting in touch! The short answer is yes: the first release we ship in calendar year 2019 will be 2019.1.x.

This blog post may give some extra insight.

We are just about to announce our intent to start a long-term support (LTS) program which might be something you are interested in? Here is a short exerpt from that upcoming blog post:

We will ship a new release of Octopus Server with six months of long-term support on a three month cadence. This means there will be two current LTS releases at any point in time.

Each LTS release will roll up all the features and bug fixes we’ve stabilized during that three month period. A release of Octopus Server with long-term support will:

  • Get critical bug fixes and security patches for up to six months.
  • Not get new features, minor enhancements, nor minor bug fixes - these will roll up into the next LTS release.

We’re hoping to have all the juicy details in that blog post available very soon. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Hope that helps!