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Hi Paul,

I am trying the enable NT authentication to secure the Octopus portal, but I always get a resource not found because the portal tries to redirect to ~/Account/Login… Is there any to make the portal work with windows auth enabled in IIS ?

Window 2008 R2/IIS 7.5

Hi Rainer,

In the web.config of the portal there is an element.
You should just be able to change the mode to Windows

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Hi Paul, that’s what I have done but the portal comes back with resource not found.

Paul Stovell tender2+dfbe0c59495abcd1e6ea500b3d93a0928e5203712@tenderapp.com wrote:

Hi Rainer,

Thanks for the update. I’ll try to get a build out with a fix for this in the next 24 hours.


Hi Paul,

Thank you, that would be great. Right now I have to TS to a server in our hosting environment which is a bit cumbersome.

We’re actually starting to use Octopus to do our deployments.

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Hi Rainer,

A new build is available from the download page that fixes this problem. ASP.NET MVC 3 includes an additional config setting that needed to be set to stop the default redirect. The latest build includes that config setting:

Do let me know if you have any other problems,


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the new build. Works like a charm.

Question: Is there a way to turn off the debug statements (that show the chunks being transferred) when transferring a nugget package ?


Hi Rainer,

There will be in v1.0 - you will be able to tune it down to Info or Warning. But to help with catching any infrequently occuring problems I’ve left it at debug.

(If you really want to disable it, you can modify the Octopus configuration file (add an appSetting with name “Logging.Level” and value “Info”), but this will be automatically overridden next time you install Octopus.)