Octopus manager authentication


I am new to Octopus and I installed it and it seems to be great and does exactly what i was looking for.
One thing i cant work out is the “Octopus Manager” (not the portal) opens without any authentication and I was able to export the data without any restrictions, is that how its expected to behave.

I was hoping that non administrators logging into the Octopus server will not be able to export unless they know password or master key but looks like its not or Am I understanding it incorrectly.

Hi @fps,

Thanks for getting in touch!

That is correct, the octopus manager is just displaying information stored within config files on the server so there is no authentication built-in.

A user with access to the octopus server and installation folder can execute all of these commands without using the octopus manager.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting back, so any user with privileges to server can export the scripts and config from Octopus and reverse engineer the password as well right.

Hi Dhaya,

Using the octopus.server.exe it is possible to completely reset the Octopus admin user and have full access to everything in there.

The Octopus Server needs to be secured so that only trusted users have access to it. We a section on security that provides a number of areas to consider hardening.


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