Octopus machine policy AutoClean up bug

I noticed that while setting the “Time Unavailable” of the “Cleaning up unavailable machines” for the machine policy, the field is hours and minutes.

But looking at the logs in “Diagnostics > Machine Clean up logs” it would suggest that those the “hours” field is actually “days”. This could be a labeling typo or a bug in the code.

I have “Time Unavailable” set to 72 hours in the machine policy and the below is a line from the “Machine clean up logs” :
The machine xxxxxx has been offline for 101157.6 minutes which is less than 103680 minutes so it will not be deleted.

This is on Octopus version 3.7.8

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for getting in touch!

This was a bug that has been fixed in 3.7.9.

Hope that helps!

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