Octopus is not getting the package from external feeds

We are seeing an issue recently where Octopus is not getting the package from the external feeds (JFrog Artifact) intermittently. I have deployed a build from Octopus using an External feed URL and its failing with below error.

The step failed: Activity failed with error 'The package ******************** could not be downloaded to the package cache from NuGet feed ‘NLOK_REPO’ at ***************** after making 5 attempts over a total of 100s. Make sure the package is pushed to the feed and try the deployment again. For a detailed troubleshooting guide go to http://g.octopushq.com/TroubleshootMissingPackages System.Exception: Unable to download package **************** from NuGet feed ‘NLOK_REPO’ at ***********************************************: The download package result was: NotFound —> System.Exception: The download package result was: NotFound

While I check the External feed system ( URL ) which is configured in Octopus to get the packages, I am able to find the same package available there but its missing when Octopus is trying to get the package. I also verified the connectivity is fine from the Octopus Node to the external system and I was able to download the package from the Node directly from the browser as well.

I also installed NUGET CLI and was able to find the package using the below command.,

nuget.exe list *********** -AllVersions -Source “https://*****************/artifactory/api/nuget/****/”

Octopus version:3.11.7

Hi Dhawal,
I replied with the information below in via our private email but wanted to follow up here also.

After digging a little bit more I did find a bug that was fixed in v3.4.14 that may be related. In this particular bug, the first attempt to download the package is creating the file on disk but isn’t writing the data into it so when it retries, it sees the file and fails with the error.

It may be worth upgrading to see if this fix clears the issue. Take a look at the GitHub Issue #2789 and let me what you think.

Kind regards,

Thanks Tina for the assistance.

I will put a request with IT Administrator to upgrade Octopus.



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