Octopus is adding spaces to the web.config files

After deploying an application I am noticing that Octopus V3.2.8 is adding spaces into my web config files befor the />

e.g… This is an example of the code inside the web.config file that is in the nuget package.

But after I have deployed the package this is the same code with added spaces.

As you can see Octopus seems to have added a space at the end of the lines between " and />
This happens throughout the web.config file where Octopus sees the "/>
Octopus does not seem to add any extra spaces if the original lines of code already contain a space as per the example below.

Can you tell me if I am doing something wrong please?
As you can imaging it makes thing awkward when comparing we.config files when Octopus makes so many changes.



Hi Lee,

Thanks for getting in touch! We use Microsoft libraries to do the transforms, and having the space at the end of is the standard and defined syntax for XML, so it is added for you by these libraries during the transformations. My only advice would be to add the space to your original files before the transform to make your diff more consistent.

Hope that helps!