Octopus hangs sometimes when I submit the "Create release" form. Apparently caused by slowness in NuGet feed


We’re using Octopus Our Octopus server intermittently hangs when creating a release, and we think it’s related to the slowness of our file-share-based NuGet feed. We’re wondering if there is any workaround, or if we need to optimize our NuGet feed.

I think this is related to http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/problems/468-octopus-ui-hangs-when-creating-a-release, which doesn’t look like it was resolved.

We use a file-share NuGet feed - for security reasons, we don’t allow the Octopus server to directly access the TeamCity NuGet feed. As a result, searches of the NuGet feed are very slow. When I click “Create Release”, the “latest version” box will remain in the “Loading” state for several minutes if I do nothing. To avoid this, we always type in a number in the “Specific Version” box. When we click “Create Release” on this form though, it is sometimes very slow even if we’ve entered a specific version number.

I’ve observed in Fiddler that there is an in-progress request to query the NuGet feed. The request to create the release comes after that ,and also remains in-progress. After several minutes, both requests complete. See attached sceenshot which shows the requests in progress. I’ve also attached statistics and captures for those two requests (#40 and #41) from Fiddler.

So it appears the “create release” request is stuck behind the request to query the NuGet feed. Is there any way to avoid this?

This happens maybe 30-40% of the time when we create a release. When it happens, we find that closing and reopening the browser solves the problem (just refreshing the page does not work).

If we wait long enough, both requests complete after several minutes. But that’s too long for us to wait.

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Re-attaching the attachments…

40-nuget-stats.txt (1 KB)

41-release-stats.txt (1 KB)

40-nuget-request-response.txt (1 KB)

41-release-request-response.txt (1 KB)

nice post Richard, I have exact same problem. I have just configured a new HTTP feed on a new server and only moved the required nuget packages to the new package directory. After this and updating from 1.5 to 1.6.2, the situation improved , however I now see the same problem return about 50% of the time…

Your workaround is exactly what I do, click back on browser then reload the page by clicking Create Release.

seems like a cache thing, if i leave it for 1 min in the morning, it loads then every new release is created instantly. Annoying but gives you time to grab a coffee… :slight_smile: !