Octopus from a Developer view - What topics would a developer benefit from during a lunch and learn

We have a lunch and learn coming up for our .Net Web Developer Team and I would like to present a more detailed view of Octopus to them. Currently they have view only rights except for Staging where they are able to edit Staging variables and deploy to the Staging environment. I have my own topics and have gotten some feedback on what they would like to gain more detail on however my question to the community is this:

What would be some key points to discuss which would actually benefit or help a developer to better them day to day when working with Octopus. Thanks in advance for the feedback.


Thanks for getting in touch. I’m a developer at Octopus but I was a user of Octopus Deploy before joining the team. I had a bunch of questions in my mind as I was learning about Octopus to see if it would work well for my team and the apps I was building.

  • How can I deploy my web apps and web services? What about database deployments?
  • Do I have to script things myself?
  • How do I integrated it with my build server?
  • Can I deploy a feature branch for my current project to a different server so I can do demos/testing with customers?

Personally, I tested Octopus to try to answer those questions and those are the types of things I’d like to learn more about if I was new again. I answered those questions by reading the docs and starting a trial. I explored the built-in steps, integration options and the channels feature to work with feature branches.

Hope this helps!