Octopus for Node js application

I am completely new to octopus. Basically i want to deploy a node application to an EC2 instance. I am using bitbucket for my sources and bamboo for CI. I wanted to know how exactly to proceed further. Or if i want to deploy my node application using octopus, should i package my node application in specific type?Or is there any tool which is actually feasible for octopus. As octopus is known for .net platform deployment. I am using mac. Do we have octopus server installer for mac?So that i can play around with it locally. Thanks in advance

Hi Anjan,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We’ve got some great documentation that you can follow that walks through packing and publishing a NodeJs application.

At this point, we only support running the Octopus server on Windows, though we eventually plan to port it to .net core which will enable it to run on macOS. You can easily spin up a trial vm on Azure (using the marketplace image), or you could use VirtualBox/VMWare Fusion/Parallels etc.

Hope that helps!


Hi Matt,

Thanks for the prompt response. I launched one ec2 instance and installed
node and mono in it. If I want to deploy node js application to that ec2
instance what steps should we follow? I know I am asking silly questions
but as I am new to this I have no choice. I am using bamboo for continuous
integration.Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi Anjan,

This guide should provide enough guidance for you to deploy your node project to your ec2 instance.

I hope that helps.

Thank you,