'Octopus.Features.IISWebSite_BeforePostDeploy.ps1' returned non-zero exit code: 255

When I try to deploy my website I get an error message (in my attachment).
I really don’t get what I did wrong with my setup and what the error message means.

I hope someone could give me a tip where to look, to fix this error!

ServerTasks-47.log.txt (5 KB)


Thanks for reaching out. Could you share us a screenshot of your NuGet deploy step? Make sure all the fields can be seen so we can try to reproduce this.



These are the screen shots of Team City and Octopus where I did configure the NuGet package. Retrieving the NuGet package succeeds, the step after that will fail.

If you need a different screenshot because you can’t see it in the ones I send let me know. I just started with Team City and Octopus yesterday.

Btw I also run everything on Windows 10, that could be an important detail.


Yup, the OS is a pretty important detail :). Octopus is developed and tested in/for Server versions of windows. Even though we know Octopus works in Desktop versions, we dont’ officially support it as these versions are usually fully customized by the users, which tend to lead into weird environmental (and hard to reproduce) issues.

Sorry its not the answer you were looking for