Octopus do not download package if available in server or tentacle


We are using Octopus 2019.12.0.LTS version. In our windows service project, we need to do the setting to not download nuget package if it is already downloaded on octopus server or tentacle. Currently its downloaded from an external feed based on package-id and its server responsibility to distribute to tentacles.

How to do this?


Hi @Nikhil_Agrawal,

Thanks for reaching out! By default, Octopus won’t download the package if its already in the server. The only way to override that is to manually set the variable Octopus.Deployment.ForcePackageDownload to true (see the System Variables docsfor more info on how to use these variables)

Hope that helps,

We haven’t overridden it, yet it goes to nuget feed for package even when its available on the server. Does it go to server for checking nuget checksum. If its same with the one downloaded on server, then it does not download again?