Octopus disk-space issue?


We have been running Octopus deploy for about a year now and we keep running into a situation where are our staging deployment gets itself into a muddle. I’ve never been able to figure out why we don’t get as many issues with our production deployment, but I think I may have just found out why.

I think our Web-role VM is running out of disk space because of frequent pushes to staging and believe that when Octopus tries to push something to an Azure Web Role and the Web Role VM does not have disk space available for the deployment it breaks and breaks badly.

I spend hours trying to get it back up and usually resort to hacky solutions like giving my environments new names using the TentacleMachineNameSuffix configuration setting. Even when doing this, I still struggle and often still get the “Key is not valid for the specified state” error which I am unconvinced that this issue is actually fully resolved.

We are currently running Octopus Deploy

Kind Regards


Hi Dan

Thanks for getting in touch. The obvious answer to this is to ensure you have enough disk space to complete a deployment.

If you can supply some deployment logs though we can try to investigate it a little closer.