Octopus deployment step fails with Access Denied error- Redeploy works fine

Hi there,

We are using Octopus deploy for our CICD pipeline for Angular JS project.

I am using a “Run a Script” step in the project which has a powershell script which deletes the old file from the folder and copy a newly uploaded pakcage. It works fine 99% of time but sometimes it fails with the access denied error while copying the file. I can’t find much information on this error. Can someone please suggest me a way to find out what exactly could be wrong here.

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Hi @rohitvermasrt

Thanks for getting in touch!

It sounds like you have everything set up correctly if it runs successfully 99% of the time, it’s likely something environmental that is causing the access denied error.

It’ll be a tricky one to find exactly what could be causing it - where is the file located? Is it possible an anti-virus or something similar could be trying to access the file at the same time?

If you still see this happening, it may be useful if you could provide the following:

  • The raw task log for the unsuccessful deployment
  • The raw task log for a successful deployment
  • Details of the deployment targets - OS version, Tentacle version, how the service is configured (running as local system? Domain account? local service account?)


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