Octopus Deployment removes "SslCertStoreName" from the registry for the SSL certificate

HI ,
Before running Octopus Deploy we have 2 registry settings for SSLBindingInfo and both have SslCertStoreName set. See attached BeforeDeploymet.jpg

Our Octopus Deployment creates/updates a Web Site in IIS with an SSL binding. Although the Octopus Deployment completes successfully the SslCertStoreName been removed from the registry for the SSL certificate.

This means we now have one SSLBindingInfo with a SslCertStoreName and one without. (see attached AfterDeploymet.jpg) Then when we run Octopus Deploy again it fails because of the bug where all certificates must have an SslCertStoreName.

If we re-import the SSL certificate then Octopus Deploy works once but fails the second time.

Kind Regards
Harbinder Singh

Hi Harbinder,

Thanks for reporting this.
We have reopened the GitHub issue which you can track here https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/876
If you go to the above ticket, you will see that we have a step template that many have found is an alternative solution.


Hi Vaneesa,

Many thanks for an update . I would like to keep this ticket open until the issue specified is fixed.

Though the work around script works , this is not ideal deployment into production servers . Due this this other sites sharing the same certificate fails to work .

Kind Regards
Harbinder Singh

Hi Vanessa,

I am glad to say I have tested this and works as expected and I am happy to close this tickets.

Thank you for such a quick turnover .

Harbinder Singh