Octopus deployment indicated full success when it was only partially successful

Using Octopus to deploy our WCF services to our two IIS 7.5 servers. We have the OctopusWebSiteName variable set correctly however by mistake we only created the apppool/virtual app on server 1 and not server 2. Octopus deploy and logs indicated success on both server 1 and server 2 even though server 2 deployment was technically a failure since neither the virtual app or app pool existed.

Logs show this even though the virtual app did not exist on server 2.
2013-07-22 21:42:36 INFO [IIS] Updating IIS website named 'Default Web Site/WIFAdapter’
2013-07-22 21:42:36 INFO [IIS] The IIS website named ‘Default Web Site/WIFAdapter’ has had its path updated to: ‘C:\Octopus\Applications\Development\WIFAdapter\’

Octopus indicated green / success on completion. Can this Octopus behavior be tweaked so the deploy indicate partial success?

Thanks for letting us know Scott, we’ll have a better ability to tweak these settings in Octopus 2.0.