Octopus Deploy upgrade from 2018.4.8 to 2019.3.1

Hi Team,

I am beginner in upgradation. whether we have any step by step procedure documentation.
Please help me on this.


Hi @prasadbe2011,

Thanks for getting in touch!

All of our documentation is available on our website: https://octopus.com/docs

This specific guide will cover the best practice for carrying out an upgrade: https://octopus.com/docs/administration/upgrading/guide

I would also advise checking the version comparison to familiarise yourself with any potential breaking changes: https://octopus.com/downloads/compare?from=2018.4.8&to=2019.3.1


Hi Paul,

This would be the major version change right?

That’s correct.

is it mandatory to take back up in the octopus deploy? if we directly install the 2019.x.x version whether it will affect any other features?

As the guide states, we recommend that you take a backup of the database and master key as the upgrade will be performing changes to the database, and in a worse case scenario, the only way to return to your original version will be to restore the database.

The upgrade may affect various features yes, there will have been a lot of changes to the code between these versions. The link I provided above lists all of these changes for you to review.

Hi Paul,

Need to download the version 2019.3.1 can u please provide me the link

All of our versions are available on the downloads page: https://octopus.com/downloads/previous

Hi Paul

Is it necessary to upgrade from 2018.x.x to 2019.x.x and from 2019.x.x to 2020.x.x?
or can we directly upgrade from 2018.x.x to 2020.x.x?

You can upgrade directly from any version to any other version, there are no incremental updates needed.

Hi Paul,

If we upgrade without taking the data backup, it will affect the project and code in the application.

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re asking?

The upgrade will update all of the Octopus Deploy files and apply schema changes to the Octopus database.

We recommend backing up the database, because if you need to roll back to the previous version, the updated database will not be compatible. So, in that scenario you would need to restore the database using the backup.

only if we need to rollback to the older version then we need the database backup right ?
if we are using the SQL Server 2017 in the current version (not going to change the SQL server) and we are going to upgrade only the octopus that time it is necessary to have the data back up

It is always recommended to take a database backup before performing an Octopus upgrade.

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