Octopus Deploy supports deployment for node.js application

I have used Octopus. I have great experience about it. So Octopus is the most powerfull, userfriendly, make sence, great deployment tool all over the world. I think so. Bu only for .NET application :((((( Why don’t you extend and improve yourself to support the other solutions such as Node.js app to Deploy ??? :(((( I love very much Octopus but i cant use it beacuse it support just .NET app :((


Thanks for getting in touch! And thanks for the awesome feedback! I have passed it onto the team to brighten up their morning. :)))))

As for Octopus deploying non-.NET applications, this is something we are very capable of performing. The following link is to a documentation page on deploying node.js applications.

Generally in Octopus we say that if you can package your application, we can deploy it.

If you run into any issues here or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to get back to me. :))

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