Octopus deploy failing on one of the environments

Octopus deployment has started failing on 1 of the environments with below error. There are no details. Build fails even with a single step for manual intervention without any actual code deployment.

I even restarted the Octopus tentacle service on the server and also tried restarting the server but no help. This started happening since yesterday and deployments were fine before that.

Url: "/indexes/MachinesByEnvironment?query=EnvironmentId%253ADeploymentEnvironments%255C-33&pageSize=1024&fetch=EnvironmentId&fetch=MachineId&cutOffEtag=00000001-0000-0c00-0000-000000000798&include=MachineId


It looks like a problem with the RavenDB indexes; could you try following this guide?