Octopus Deploy Configure the Release Note Options

In the link

Under the Jira Server section
In Octopus Deploy Configure the Release Note Options (optional).

Jira username/password: Set these values to allow Octopus to connect to Jira and retrieve Jira issue (work item) details when viewing packages or creating releases. If these are not provided, just the raw work item references will be used as the work item link descriptions. If they are provided the work item’s title will be used as the work item link’s description.
The password should be an API Token, rather than an actual password

Is the bold text above correct as I can not find how to generate an API token on Jira server (can on cloud)


Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The bold text is correct for Jira Cloud, we didn’t expect Jira Server to not support the generation of API Tokens.

So, in your case, you can use a username/password for those fields and it should work.

We’ll update our docs to make this distinction between Jira Cloud and Jira Server.

Thank you and best regards,

Whilst closely on this subject is there any further detail on Jira setup (Server)

I get the following error
Unable to get authentication token for Jira Connect App. Response code: Unauthorized
May 23rd 2019 14:43:08
Sending deployment data to Jira for deployment Deployments-24023, to Pilot-Shakedown(development) with state in_progress for issue keys BBD-857

May 23rd 2019 14:43:08
Unable to publish data to Jira. Response code: Unauthorized, Message:

However I know the username password combo works. Do certain field need to be exposed in the Jira forms?


Hey Jason,

It looks like you’ve configured a password for the Jira Connect App (which is what we use to push deployment info to Jira Cloud), if you remove that password you won’t get that error (you’ll get a warning instead about Jira configuration settings being incomplete, but we’ve got this issue to change it so this warning isn’t logged if you’re using Jira Server).


Does that mean you can’t push deployments to Jira server?

Hi Jason,

Yes, unfortunately feature to provide deployment info on Jira issues in Jira is limited to Jira Cloud.

This is a limitation in the Jira Server software itself, not on our end and we’ve had many customers report their dismay at this limitation as they also use self-hosted Jira.

Sorry I don’t have any better news on that front for you.

Thank you and best regards,

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