Octopus deploy azure VM extension Issue with new tentacle version

I am using ARM templates to deploy my VMs and using octopus tentacle extension to install octopus tentacle. It was working fine till yesterday and today when we go for a new deployment the VMs were added to octopus environment but health check for the VMs are failed . When i check the VM the service is stopped and in spite of its start type to be ‘Automatic’ .

Is it possible that i can specify tentacle version in arm template ??

Octopus.txt (10 KB)

Hi there

Thanks for getting in touch. Really sorry to see that you’re having issues.

We pushed out a new release yesterday and unfortunately, the one scenario we missed in our testing was with a new Tentacle and an old Server.

We are looking to get a new release out as soon as possible - you can keep an eye on the github issue for updates.

Unfortunately its not possible to specify the Tentacle version or download url for the VM Extension - it is possible though using the DSC. Its a good idea though - we’ve added it to our backlog.

Once again, sorry for the hassle that this has caused.