Octopus Deploy AWS stack on various accounts

I am looking to deploy AWS stack on various environments (ST/SIT/UAT/etc) in different AWS Accounts(acc1, acc2,…acc’n’)

My approach is to create a single project to be able to do this
Create & Define all environments and accounts in Octopus.

Step1: Deploy Template (AWS Acc-1)
Step2: Deploy Template (AWS Acc-2)
Step’n’: Deploy Template (AWS Acc-n)

Then create Channels based on account-wise steps. For e.g Acc1-Channel, Acc2-Channel, etc and create Releases accordingly to deploy to specific account.

Please advise if you recommend any other better approach.


Thanks for getting in touch. We think what you’re after is the AWS account variables feature, we have some good documentation on it here: https://octopus.com/docs/deployment-process/variables/aws-account-variables

Let us know if you hit some specific problems with this approach.


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