Octopus Deploy and SVN


I think I can achieve this via a Powershell command but so far everything just seems to hang.

I am trying to get my Octopus Deploy to create a Release Branch in my Subversion (with the correct release version etc)

I have a Powershell process to try and do it. It works pretty well if i run the powershell on the SVN machine (it has a tentacle on it)

– this bit will archive the previous Latest Release into a release version

svn copy -m “Archiving Previous Branch”$OctopusParameters[‘Octopus.Release.Previous.Number’];

– this bit removes the old branch as it will be re-populated
svn rm -m ‘Removing Latest Branch to create new’;

– this bit creates a new branch using the newly updated trunk
svn copy -m “Creating Release Branch”

But so far this process just seems to hang doing nothing … is there anything we need to add for Powershell & svn with Octopus deploy … other powershell commands (recycle IIS etc work fine)

Hi Jon,

Thanks for reaching out. Usually the main reason why Powershell commands hang in Octopus is because the console is waiting for an input that never arrives (because the Tentacle service runs powershell in non-interactive mode). So at the eyes of the user, Octopus just hanged, but it is actually Powershell that’s waiting for something else to happen before continuing.

(from here onwards, keep in mind that i’ve never used SVN and i’m just ranting about my experience with Octopus + Powershell)

On these cases, the usual suspect is “Authentication”. Sometimes you run a command from your server without passing down credentials and it just works because its picking up the credentials from someplace else (powershell session, ws credentials, etc). This of course doesn’t happen when you run the same command from a non-interactive session triggered by a service, so Powershell stays still waiting for you to enter your credentials. A few things to try here:

  • Does SVN cmd line utility have some sort of parameter where you can pass down your credentials? I’d try that first

  • Are you running the Tentacle service with an account that has enough permissions on SVN to perform those actions?

Additionally, could you send us the raw log file so we can see how the “hanging” looks like?

Hope my rant helps you figuring this out!