Octopus Deploy 3.0 Preview Release Date?

I am having to do some major dancing and jiving to get my sites deployed to Azure currently. The native support for Azure websites would both solve all this and deprecated my current solution (planned removal of FTP). Any idea how soon the preview will be available? I’d rather be doing it right instead of trying to figure out how to rewire the world.

Hi Brett,

Thanks for getting in touch. We totally understand that you’d rather wait for the new version before getting started. We’re planning on having a pre-release available in the next couple of weeks. Damian (our CTO) sent out an email about this 2 weeks ago saying the following about 3.0:

We'll send an announcement out when we have a date, and with that we'll set up a webinar. If you attend the webinar we'll talk about what's in the pre-release and what you need to do to get started with it.

We're also going to create a new forum for discussion and feedback on 3.0. We'll use that forum to iterate fairly quickly to iron out any issues and hear people's thoughts. Once everybody is happy, we'll get the final release out the door and we'll also set up a series of webinars you can attend to find out what's new and how to migrate from 2.6.

We're aiming to ship the full 3.0 release in May.

Please let me know if you didn’t get the email and i’ll make sure you get added to the distribution list.

Warm regards,



May is coming to a close soon and I haven’t heard anything about a 3.0 pre-release. Is May still the full release target date or have dates been pushed?


Hi Pat,

Your best bet will be to watch our blog for updates. We will be hosting a webinar just before the pre-release as well as a blog post about what is and isn’t in 3.0.
The pre-release will be soon, but we do not work to set dates as we are pushing for working features.