Octopus Deploy 2.2 new features not appearing


I’ve just upgraded to Octopus Deploy 2.2, I know this is a pre-release, but I thought I would raise the issues I saw here. Basically all the great features you mention that are added in 2.2 don’t appear to be there. Attached example of missing custom PowerShell feature configuration from NuGet deployment step.



After re-installation of the Octopus server the new features are now appearing.



Hi Steven,

Thanks for the heads-up. Did you upgrade from 2.0, or from 2.1? Just keen to make sure there aren’t any lurking issues in the preview installer :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Hi Nick,

I upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2, technically I didn’t have to re-install 2.2 for the features to appear, I followed the upgrade instructions checking that the service had started correctly in the Octopus Server Maintenance window and as you can see from the screenshot I attached the version number displayed on the UI shows 2.2, but the new features didn’t appear. I even checked the version of the exe the Octopus Deploy Windows service was pointing to and the version number showed correctly as 2.2, it wasn’t until I used the Octopus Server Maintenance window to restart the service Octopus Deploy Windows service did the new features appear.

Hope this helps

Steven Hawkins