Octopus Database script


We are trying set up Octopus deploy in our company, and the DBAs requested me to provide them the script to create the database for Octopus, but I don’t seem to find it anywhere, since we don’t want to give the service account permissions to create databases in our database server.

We are currently planning on using Octopus 3.11.4

Can someone please provide me with the script.

-Diego Estrada

Hi Diego,

Thanks for getting in touch! You can create the Octopus Database itself (and its users) before installing Octopus. We have the requirements listed here: https://octopus.com/docs/installation/installing-octopus/sql-server-database-requirements (see If you create the database, it must:)
As for scripts for tables and indexes, these are all run on the service startup and if you have any existing tables in the database the installation will fail. Octopus itself will do this on startup so long as it can connect to the created database and has the required permissions.

Hope that helps!